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Archer® Analysis is a versatile bioinformatics platform that automates processing of sequencing data generated from all Archer NGS assays. The analysis pipeline produces highly confident gene mutation detection from RNA, DNA and ctDNA sources. The simple user interface paired with in-line visualization enables powerful and clear reporting. Since Archer Analysis allows for third party integration and deploys securely to the cloud or on a server, it will fit within your lab infrastructure.

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Powerful bioinformatics

Known and novel fusion detection
AMP chemistry is built for superior gene fusion detection, permitting amplification of both known and unexpected genomic regions of interest. Results are cross-checked against the Archer Quiver Fusion Database to indicate novel fusions or those found in the literature.

Sensitive and specific variant detection
Molecular barcode (MBC) adapters are used to count unique molecules and characterize sequencer noise, revealing mutations below standard NGS-based detection thresholds. Through advanced MBC-based statistical support, Archer Analysis sets a new standard in extreme sensitivity and specificity.

Quantitative CNV detection
MBCs enable unique molecule counting to provide robust copy number analysis in DNA. Powerful visualization tools in Archer Analysis give you critical information about your sample.

Ultimate adaptability

Adaptable data processing
Archer Analysis is designed to provide flexibility to integrate into your ecosystem. A RESTful API automatically pulls data from Archer Analysis into LIMS and other reporting software. The API meets industry standards, including packaging data in JSON format, and is a powerful feature if you have downstream software for annotation, interpretation, and reporting processes. Job hooks can also be configured to automate both upstream and downstream processes.

Archer Analysis delivers adaptable data processing

Flexible configurations
Archer Analysis can be configured to fit your specific set up requirements. Analysis is available as a virtual machine that can be installed on your own hardware behind your firewall.

A more scalable configuration is Analysis Unlimited, a HIPAA-compliant, private cloud-based instance of Analysis that can handle hundreds of samples simultaneously to deliver the fastest analysis times without any expensive hardware or associated maintenance.

User-friendly analysis

Web-based interface
Archer Analysis is built for fast and secure access using a web browser. The lack of a dedicated app ensures cross-platform compatibility.

Purpose-built workflows
With advanced user and group permissions and a sample-centric model, Archer analysis is designed for rapid and efficient case management.

Decision support tools
Archer Analysis supports user curated databases, customizable pdf reports and integration with third party interpretation services. Get answers rather than raising more questions.

Safe and secure

Unparalleled encryption
All data is protected by enterprise-grade encryption and security monitoring both in transit and at rest.

HIPAA compliant
Analysis Unlimited, the cloud-based configuration of Archer Analysis, is third party verified HIPAA compliant, ensuring that all data remains protected and private at all times.

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