Immune repertoire sequencing assays

Repertoire analysis on your own terms

 Archer® Immunoverse™ kits are targeted NGS assays to characterize the human immune repertoire from RNA input. Powered by Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™), the lyophilized kits uniquely tag and amplify V(D)J rearrangements for sequencing on Illumina® platforms. Sequenced libraries are analyzed using the Immune Repertoire pipeline in Archer Analysis—a powerful and transparent tool for clonotype identification and frequency reporting.



Immunoverse TCR kits amplify T cell receptor beta/gamma or alpha/delta chains for sequencing and analysis across a wide variety of clonality and diversity applications. With targeted primers within 100 bp of the end of the CDR3 sequence of interest, the beta/gamma kit is designed for maximal sensitivity in FFPE material to profile tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs). Sample inputs range from 25ng to 2μg.


Immunoverse BCR kits amplify B cell receptor heavy (IGH) and light (kappa/lambda) chains for sequencing and analysis. Primers are designed to identify isotypes and subclasses in the Fc region and somatic hypermutations within the variable regions. Sample inputs range from 25ng to 6μg.

Repertoire analysis on your own terms

Archer Analysis' point-and-click interface dynamically visualizes your clonotype information.

Archer Analysis, a powerful and transparent tool for immune repertoire analysis, providing extensive clone and clonotype information in custom-filtered tables, dynamic visualizations, and full data exports to answer advanced research questions. Archer Analysis is available for private cloud and local installation behind your firewall.

Get the Immunoverse performance advantage

Sensitive clonotype identification

Jurkat cell line dilution in PBL background down to 10-6 from 400ng input shows strong linearity and detection of Jurkat sequences at expected frequencies across replicates

Libraries were prepped using the Immunoverse TCR beta/gamma kit and sequenced on an Illumina® NextSeq® using a 300-cycle kit. Libraries were normalized to 0.5M reads and 2.5M reads (dilution 6) and analyzed with Archer Analysis.

Precise quantitation across a broad dynamic range

Highly reproducible clonotype frequency reporting of top 10 clones between replicates in Jurkat dilution into PBL background

Libraries were prepped from 400ng input using the Immunoverse TCR beta/gamma kit and sequenced on an Illumina® MiSeq® using a 600-cycle kit. Libraries were normalized to 0.6M reads and analyzed with Archer Analysis.

Consistent performance between labs

Strong linearity and reproducibility shown in dilution series across two different laboratories

Ten-fold serial dilutions of Jurkat cell line mRNA into PBL background was performed in duplicate in two labs. Libraries were sequenced on an Illumina® NextSeq® with 2x150bp reads, normalized to 0.5M reads and analyzed using archer analysis.

Somatic hypermutation detection

Archer analysis reports somatic hypermutation in most frequent clonotypes with >2% deviation in reference V-region homology

400ng of a Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) sample was prepped with the Immunoverse BCR IGH kit. Libraries were sequenced on the Illumina MiSeq® v3 (600 cycle) kit and normalized to 360,000 reads. Reads were deduplicated and error corrected using Archer Analysis. Clonal frequencies and somatic hypermutation were reported for the top 5 clones according to the ERIC recommendations.

Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™)-powered V(D)J amplification

The Immunoverse assays utilize AMP chemistry for open-ended amplification from molecular barcoded (MBC) adapters, eliminating the need for complicated opposing primer-based amplification schemes and uniformity assumptions. This unbiased approach towards VDJ recombination can yield more than 100,000 clonotypes in a single reaction, without the fear of PCR bias. The figure below shows a simplified schematic of AMP-enabled V(D)J enrichment.

Archer molecular barcode adapters enable amplification using a single gene-specific primer amplifying against a ligated adapter.
Schematic of Archer's Molecular Barcode Adapters (MBCs).

Molecular barcode-based deduplication and error correction enable true quantification

Archer Analysis utilizes the AMP-specific molecular barcode adapters for deduplication and PCR sequencing error correction to provide a true measure of sample complexity. Additionally, unique molecule identification enables highly quantitative analysis of clonotype frequencies.

Archer molecular barcode adapters enable identification of unique starting molecules, de-duplication and error-correction.

Single-use lyophilized library prep reagents

  • Break-away and bring forward any amount of reactions
  • Lyophilized reagents minimize user error and contamination
  • Simple workflow requiring less than 3.5 hours hands-on-time and 8.5 hours total

Flexible input requirements

  • Flexible input requirements, from 25ng to 2µg of RNA from PBMC, FFPE, or Fresh frozen tissue
Archer Immunoverse assay workflow overview

Get started with Immunoverse Assays

Archer Immunoverse T-cell receptor beta/gamma Assay

T-cell receptor beta/gamma

Archer Immunoverse T-cell receptor alpha/delta Assay

T-cell receptor alpha/delta

Archer Immunoverse IG heavy chain Assay

IG heavy chain

Archer Immunoverse IG kappa/lambda Assay

IG kappa/lambda

Archer Immunoverse Choose your own chain Assay

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