Archer NGS workflows
Simple NGS workflows

Archer® next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays were designed with simplicity in mind. All assays are powered by Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) enrichment chemistry, which means that the protocols significantly overlap between product lines. Combined with lyophilized, single-use reagents, Archer tech-friendly workflows reduce labor, minimize the potential for user error and eliminate the need for master mixes no matter what assay you choose.

Key features of Archer workflows

Lyophilized reagents
Easy-to-handle lyophilized enzymes are tech friendly and well-suited for scale-up and automation
Single-use reagents
Reagents are pre-packaged into single-use tube strips to reduce contamination and avoid master mix prep
Flexible formats
Kits are available in 8-tube strips or 96-tube reaction plates for run size flexibility
Unified workflows
All Archer assays use AMP chemistry, so their workflows significantly overlap

Unified workflows mean maximum efficiency

All Archer assays use the same enrichment chemistry and thus have closely overlapping workflows for tech-friendly, consistent library preparation.

Convenient kit format

All Archer assay kits include gene-specific primers, easy-to-handle lyophilized enzymes and Illumina® or Ion Torrent™ platform-specific reagents to generate targeted libraries ready for sequencing. Molecular Barcode Adapters are also required but are provided separately for sequencing flexibility.

Assay-specific primers
Gene-specific primers enable amplification on your targets of interest

Each kit includes lyophilized enzymes and platform-specific reagents for library prep

Molecular Barcode Adapters
Platform-specific universal adapters are provided separately for quantitative multiplexing and sample-tracking flexibility

Also, most of the reagents are lyophilized and aliquoted into 8-tube strips to minimize the risk of sample cross-contamination and avoid the need to make master mixes


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